Finish Workflow and fix Custom Node

I have a flow that:

  1. Gets only the newest tweets based on a query from twitter
  2. Checks the twitter username in my custom crm nimble node against existing contacts.
  3. If the username check and other conditions are false
  4. It will check tweet text for text classification category in Monkeylearn
  5. If it passes text classification with a score > .90
  6. It will the add the Tweet url, text and username my nimble CRM as a contact.
  7. It user split batch to loop through every tweet until complete

Requirements. I have someone on fiverr to do most of the work but didn’t complete tasks.

  1. I’m having trouble iterating and sending individual tweets through my flow correctly. So I need help with completing the flow logic.

  2. The custom monkeylearn text classification node is done, however it doesn’t output the “Confidence Score” parsed to be passed to my IF node. Ex

  3. I need to update the code to the latest so the twitter long query issue can be resolved.

A solution was presented to me here, but I don’t have the experience to complete.

Flow file. Tweets__hiring___remote__copy_3.json

Hey @datdudejibril

Would you be providing both custom nodes and access to test accounts for both services as well?

If it was me I would be going back to the person on Fiverr and asking them to finish the job properly.

What sort of timeline are you looking at to get it all up and running and would you require ongoing “support” for your n8n setup?

Thanks for responding. I followed your advice to follow up with the fiverr freelancer for the 6th time… He finally responded and fixed his work.

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Fantastic, if you need anything else give me a shout :+1: