Firestore authorization client refresh token expiring

Hey all N8Ners,

I have no idea what’s causing this, but my published app firestore refresh token keeps invalidating.

I tried setting up a cron job to do a get request to firestore to see if that would perhaps solve the issue, but doesn’t seem to fix it.

Any help troubleshooting this would be very helpful.

The provided authorization grant (e.g., authorization code, resource owner credentials) or refresh token is invalid, expired, revoked, does not match the redirection URI used in the authorization request, or was issued to another client.

Hi @jtas21, how exactly did you set up your firestore credentials in n8n (are you using n8n’s “Google Firebase Cloud Firestore OAuth2 API” or perhaps generic OAuth2 credentials)?

And which version of n8n are you using?

Where exactly are you seeing the error you have described?

Hi @MutedJam, thanks for your message.

I noticed running a get request via cron every few hours the auth expires after 15+ hours

I am on Version 0.224.1 and using the Firebase Cloud Firestore OAuth2 API, this is coming from the firestore node:

Hey @jtas21,

That is unexpected, We did have an issue with oauth credentials not refreshing but that was fixed recently.

How long is it taking for it to expire and just to confirm you are not using the credential with an HTTP Request node at all are you?

Hey @Jon
So from my logs I think it expires at the 24 hour mark.

I am using the Firestore node.

You guys have any insights or things I could check here @Jon or @MutedJam?

I have tried setting up a brand new oauth client and walking through that. Still no joy.

@jtas21 I will set up a test Firestore account today and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Can you share the workflow you are using just so we can rule out anything odd with the node settings?

@Jon @MutedJam
I think I found the issue, as it seems to be working now.

I needed to add the domain in the admin too:

Also, this setting is turned off in admin:

Google Cloud console and SDK session control: Never require reauthentication


Hey @jtas21,

That is good to know, Somewhat unexpected when it comes to oauth though. I will do some more digging at some point to see what I can find.

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