Flaky behavior with Supabase node

Hey guys,

I am seeing really strange behavior with the supabase node as of late:

Making an exact copy of my working supabase node lower cases some columns, and it POSTing successfully, but with data loss.

Just wanted to make you aware…

I think I’ll rely on the HTTP node for now.


Hey @jtas21,

Can you share any more info on that? What version of n8n are you running and is it self hosted supabase or cloud?

Yeah, just strange the fact that I make copy of the node with the configs set for part of the workflow and it decides to lowercase columns, that I can’t change.

Running N8N 0.220.0 self-hosted. Supabase cloud.

@Jon - I will check again with the latest update…

This thing is completely wonky.

It’s also outputting randomly using “update” – Not sure what’s going on…

Yeah, just ran a simple GET request and it won’t return correctly. Something is definitely broke with this node.