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I’m using a Webhook node and Flowlu API documentation (Flowlu API), because there’s no native Flowlu node, and my problem is that I can’t seem to be able to authenticate.

In their documentation they offer API Key or OAuth 2.0.

When using the HTTP node and OAuth2.0, everything works perfect. But, with Webhook node, I don’t have the OAuth2.0 auth method.

From Flowlu docs, I can see that I can use the “api_key” name and “API ACTUAL KEY” value. Tried that with Basic and Header Auth, but no luck.

If I choose “None” / “Basic” / “Header” (any of the 3), and try to test the Event, it’s always waiting for the event to trigger.

Is there any way I can auth the Webhook node with Flowlu?

What is the error message (if any)?

Waiting for an event. No error.

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.234.1

Hi @Darius_Dumitru :wave:

First things first - the webhook node is for getting data to n8n, so I’m not so sure auth is going to be needed here, as it’d be data that Flowlu sends to us.

I think the problem is that you’re using GET instead of POST as mentioned in the docs here for their webhooks: Flowlu API

Can you try switching over to POST, then click on “Listen for test event” in the Webhook node, and then finally trigger an event in Flowlu sent to the test URL of the node? That should fix this up for you :+1:


@EmeraldHerald oh yeah, silly me, it was driving me crazy, maybe the only option I haven’t tried. Thanks a lot, it’s working fine now.

I do have one more question regarding this. Is there anyway I can filter the results (current vs previous results)? Basically Flowlu allows to create webhooks when Opportunities are updated. But this triggers for all actions inside Opportunities. I want just to trigger or filter when a specific custom field is updated.

Attaching a screenshot to get more visual with my question. As you can see under the body column there’s “current” with all the fields. Below that (not seen in the screenshot) there’s a “previous” category with all the fields.

I want to filter something like: IF (current.name != previous.name) CONTINUE… I thought that maybe using the “Options” fields from Webhook or an IF node?

An If node would definitely help you out if the webhook triggers, so long as you’re getting both current and previous in that data. You could do something like this to check if they match:

and if they’re not equal, continue on from the true branch :slight_smile: I used a set node to create a quick bit of example data, in your case it would likely be something along the lines of {{ $('Webhook').item.json.body.current }} to access your data.

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Thanks again. It’s working.

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