Force the completion of an execution

I’m days with these exercises running, I tried to stop her, but not. I want to know if you have any way to force to stop the practice

Hi @Ruan17 , It would help to know if you are running on n8n cloud or self hosted.

If on cloud, you may want to reach out to support.

If self hosted, try rebooting your server and see if that fixes the issue.

it is self hosted in docker swarm, i already restarted but the process continues

That is very strange, @Jon have you seen anything like this? In the past I’ve had spinning executions but a reboot always seemed to kill them. Since you’re on docker swarm, are you running it on queue mode? Could it be a worker needs to be rebooted too?

Normally a restart of everything would sort it but it could be that the workflow crashed for some reason and the database record wasn’t updated to mark that so I suspect it isn’t actually running and it is just a cosmetic thing.

Would be nice to know the details that are missing from the post template like what version of n8n is it, how is it deployed and what database is being used.

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I still have the flow stuck, I use n8n in queue mode in docker swarm and it is self hosted

I updated to version 1.2.1 and it fixed it

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