French character are not recognized by HTTP Request

I search in the forum but didn’t found any reference, anyway
when I do a HTTP Request on that page: : RCS, siret, bilan, Entreprises par activité pour le département Rhone (69), which have lang="fr"
all the caracters é, è ê, … are replaced by �

it is because something is missing in my installation ?
could I bypass that directly inside n8n ?

Hi @JOduMonT, this will most likely be because the HTTP Request node uses UTF-8 encoding by default, but the screenshot uses ISO 8859-1 as per your screenshot.

So I’d suggest downloading the content as a binary file in the HTTP Request node and then using the Move Binary Data node to read the binary data using the correct encoding.

Example Workflow

Hope this helps!

:kissing_cat: purrfecto!!
merci!, thankyou, muchas gracias

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