Frequent Whitescreens

Using n8n locally on Windows, I have very frequent (~5 per hour) Whitescreens of the app (cf screenshot) while making modifications.

I’m assuming that this is due to an error. This is quite disruptive, because I then have to reload the Workflow, loosing all unsaved changes.

What could be the cause of the whitescreens? Any ideas on how to fix the issue?

Many thanks

Hey @Lesterpaintstheworld,

I have moved this to the questions category, It had ended up in Site Feedback which is odd.

How do you have n8n installed is it desktop, docker, npm, something else? When you get a white screen is anything logged in the browser console or in the n8n log?

My n8n runs on Desktop locally. I’m unsure where to find the logs

Hey @Lesterpaintstheworld,

On Desktop it is a bit trickier, Are you using the latest desktop release?

Yes downloaded the windows installer this week

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