Freshdesk node asking for parameters that I dont know how to set

Describe the issue/error/question

Running freshdesk node to get tickets I get the following error:
Workflow has issues
Please fix them before executing:

  • Freshdesk: Parameter “Priority” is required.
  • Freshdesk: Parameter “Status” is required.

Please share the workflow

This is a fresh docker install, I can do other functions like create a ticket etc. I just cant see anywhere to add these pararmeters?

Hi @Iseg, welcome to the community and sorry for the trouble!

We did have a bug with parameters being treated as required in the past, even when they’re not actually required for the current operation.

Can you confirm which version of n8n you’re currently using? If you’re not on the latest n8n version )(0.189.1 as of now), could you try upgrading and confirm if the issue still persists?

I was running the latest and I have updated to 0.190.0 and still have the issue.
The part I find odd is I cant even find anywhere to specify these options if they where required.

Thanks so much for confirming @Iseg and sorry for the trouble. I wonder if this was possibly an oversight when this change was implemented.

I’ll add this to our internal bug tracker for a closer look (perhaps @RicardoE105 already has an idea, iirc he fixed this for a bunch of other nodes). As a workaround until this is fixed, you might want to consider downgrading your n8n version (I think n8n version before 0.180.0 were not be affected by this problem).

I can confirm that downgrading ( 0.170.0 ) has allowed me to retrieve tickets.

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