Freshdesk node missing add private note - any ideas?

Am using the Freshdesk node to add a ticket to the helpdesk. Once added I want to add a private note to it, but the update options are missing that. Anyone know if there are any other ways to do it?

If something is currently not supported in the existing node, then the HTTP Request node can be used. How the node has to be configured exactly can be identified with the help of the Freshdesk API docs.
It is for sure not as easy and convenient as with our pre-build nodes but nothing that should generally take longer than 5-10 minutes.


Thanks Jan, understood. I was hoping there would be an external Freshdesk method like replying to the email with ‘Note’ in the subject or something. It seems not.

I can use a http node I realise but it does mean another set of creds to manage. It would be useful to be able to use existing credentials used in the freshdesk node in the http node rather than have to create new ones.

Really enjoying n8n btw - its insanely powerful. Thanks very much!

Uh sorry, I would sadly not know about an external Freshdesk method. That would be best asked in a Freshdesk forum. Is quite possible that there is something like that.

Regarding being able to reuse credentials. That is actually already possible with many of our credentials. Before I answered you yesterday, I checked if it was the case also for the Freshdesk one. Sadly is that not the case. The reason is that it is one that got created quite early and does so sadly not support that. Sorry! Hope we find at some point time to update all of our old ones.

Thanks a lot. It is great to hear that you enjoy n8n. Keep on having fun!

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