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Hi guys, I am trying to connect to Freshsales (AKA Freshworks CRM) and I am having this error:

UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information

I am running n8n npm. Same happens in cloud.

Hi @juannito, welcome to the community :tada:

Sorry for the trouble. I just gave the below workflow a go on my side:

I didn’t run into trouble here with a new Freshdesk account on n8n cloud:

Is there a chance you have copied the full URL rather than just the name of your subdomain in your credentials? So instead of, you’d have to use supportteam-518064794859834034 in this example:

Thanks MutedJam. I think because it doesn’t accept the other domian that Freshworks have for Freshsales (user)

The api works the same i think. But doesn’t accept the domain.

Oh, I didn’t know there’s a second possible domain, but this seems very likely. Perhaps @Jon can take a look at bringing our node up to speed once he has a bit of time?

In the meantime, you could consider using the HTTP Request node to make your API requests.

Thanks. I am started playing with that.
I got this error with Freshdesk when I tried to pull the contact from a deal

I put the Agent ID but I think I must select one from the dropdown that don’t shows there

Hi @juannito, from looking at the error it seems this problem comes down to an invalid URL again. If you look at the error on the right side it says ENOTFOUND https, suggesting you might be using a full URL instead of just the partial URL expected by n8n as explained above.

However, even with the partial domain you won’t be successful if your “bundle alias” doesn’t use as the top level domain, as this would be hardcoded in n8n.

So, it seems to be we should switch from the subdomain-part we’re currently storing in our credentials to what Freshworks calls a bundle alias in their own product to make things a bit more flexible and easier for Freshworks users:

For the time being I can’t think of any other approach than sending your API requests through the HTTP Request node I am afraid.


We actually have a PR for this already here: [Freshworks CRM] Allow different freshworks base hosts - N8N-3428 by JanThiel · Pull Request #3121 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub it looks like there was an issue that needed to be resolved for it but I am fairly sure I can now work around it so I will work on getting it sorted out early next week.

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Thanks so much @Jon @MutedJam
I will wait :slight_smile:

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