FTP - ERROR: Timeout while connecting to server

I have used the FTP node that should connect to server with correct credentials, but when I execute it, it returns ERROR: Timeout while connecting to server. And when I use same credentials on FileZilla, it connects without issues. Please let me know where the issue is, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @elgendy1996,

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What version of n8n are you using and how is it installed? Is the server also plain FTP or FTPS?

The version is: 0.170.0, it is hosted on the server, I am using plain FTP

Hey @elgendy1996,

Is that the same server as the FTP server and is it in docker or npm?

It is not the same server, and it is on docker

Perfect, When you tested with Filezilla was it from the same container or host? It could just be a network configuration issue.

One thing you could do as a test is use the FTP command from the command line on the docker host and that would let us know if it open and responding to the docker host.