FTP node recursive bug?


not sure if it’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong, however when I create an FTP node with List action, and recursive True, the path output is /Backup/DNS/backup-08-23-2021.zip/backup-08-23-2021.zip (which is wrong). when recursive is set to False, the path output is showing correct result /Backup/DNS/backup-08-23-2021.zip

However, I need the recursive option to be enabled, but also to show a correct path value. am I doing anything wrong?

Hey @ja3four,

I am not familiar with the FTP node and I don’t have an FTP server running to test it out. @RicardoE105 may be able to help you out here :slight_smile:

Hi @ja3four,

Just to check in the FTP node are you using FTP or SFTP?

Hi @jon

I’m using FTP

Gave it a quick go here on a vsftpd server and it does appear to be broken.

SFTP also appears to have the same problem. A temporary workaround might be to use an expression to use everything before the last / so something like…

{{$json["path"].substring(0, $json["path"].lastIndexOf('/'))}}

It isn’t ideal but it will get you up and running until it is fixed.

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Thanks @jon for the workaround
Do you know if it’s going to be fixed in the next release?

Good question, That will be one for the n8n team. I am just a fan :joy: @RicardoE105, @jan and the rest of the team tend to be fairly quick with fixing things though.


Going to have a look today


Got fixed. Will be added to the next released.


Fix got released with [email protected]

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