Generate image with weather

Hey guys,

I hope that you all are good and safe :hugs:

I made something with editImage node, it’s not anyhow amazing, I would actually call it a bit silly, but I am proud of this.
It get your IP location, ask about weather and generate image for you, you can check this out here.

If you have some suggestions to improve this, do not hesitate :wink:


Add you discord webhook if you want :slight_smile:

Simon :smiley:


That is great. Works perfectly. Thanks a lot for sharing with the community!

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Works like a charm!
Thanks for sharing, such project always open my eyes to cool new ways I can use n8n :sunglasses:

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That is neat, Nice work.

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Nice work bro :relaxed:

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Hey Hey! I use n8n Desktop Mac and wondering why i might be getting this error?

I love this and would like to add it to my Slack-PABot that im building

The Edit Image Node could sadly for technical reasons not be supported in the Desktop version and had so get removed.

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Oh well, looks like ill just have to go create a hosted version ahaha cheers @jan

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Hey @jan - is the edit image on the roadmap for desktop?

Sadly not. Not sure how much work it would be to make it work but considering the current resources we have, is it sadly now priority right now.

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Just fyi @jamesb created this great post about enabling the node in the desktop version: