Generic credential type

Hi, I need to authenticate to an API using an HTTP Post. Is there a credential (generic) type that can be used to populate the following JSON using an expression?

  "Username": "user",
  "Password": "password"

Welcome to the community @carlskii!

No sorry, something like that is sadly currently not possible and not sure if it ever will be. Accessing credentials via an expression sounds, without thinking about it to much now, like a potential security issue. So if it will ever get implemented, we have to make sure that it can be properly controlled what can access them and what not.

Thanks for the reply - how about Oauth 2.0 ?

Is there a plan to support that.

Yes it is:

Please make sure to always search the forum first before asking a question. That makes sure that the same question does not have to be answered multiple times and so saves our time. We can then use that time instead in implementing features like this. Thanks a lot!