Get All Node Parameters

Is it possible to get all node parameters without knowing their values or indexes?

I am aware of getNodeParameter(parameterName, index), but am looking for getNodeParameters()


Hi @ryanflomenco, would $input.params work for you? Like so:

This will simply return all parameters from a given node for each input item, without providing the index or the parameter name:

@MutedJam I believe input.params is the equivalent of the getInputData function, correct?

If I’m not mistaken that only shows input data coming from previous nodes and not data set in the node?

As an example:

const allNodeParameters = this.getInputData()


{ json: {}, pairedItem: { item: 0, input: undefined } }

even though I have param data populated in my node at execution time. Please let me know if I’m missing something.


I was able to solve for this like so:

const executeData = this.getExecuteData();
const params = executeData.node.parameters

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