Get back worflows from backup

Hi, I use n8n self-hosted on my unraid server. I have updated to ver 1.xx without previously exporting my workflows and creditentials, so I have lost everything… Hopefully I make weekly backups of the AppData of my NAS. Is there a way to impor/get back my worflows from that backup ?
Thanks a lot for help.

Hi @One1Tick :wave:

Can you let us know how exactly you run n8n, which version you were using before the upgrade, and if you’re using a custom Docker image? Do you have any server logs you could share?

You mentioned you might have backups - have you confirmed they’re available, and if so, what have you backed up? What version of n8n are the backups from?

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Thanks for your reply. I run n8n on my Unraid NAS through the available n8n container. Before upgrade it was version 0.236, so the backup is also from that version.

Content of the backup :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Ah, that’s great! Can you try the following:

  • Copy the backup content to a new folder
  • Mount that folder in either your n8n docker command or your docker-compose file

For example, if the copy of your backup is at /home/one1tick/myn8nstuff, you’d run:
docker run -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 -v /home/one1tick/myn8nstuff:/home/node/.n8n

You can find more information on that here: Docker | n8n Docs

If you follow those steps, I believe n8n should pick up your database and config files. if it doesn’t, it would be great to have server logs!

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Sorry I am newbie with linux… I have copied my backup (n8n_bkp) next to the actual n8n folder, what should I do now ?

Hi @One1Tick , no problem :slight_smile:

It looks like your folder is owned by root, so you’ll need to change your permissions so that node is the new owner.

I don’t know if Unraid will have special steps, but this a guide on how to do this in Docker is here:

Thanks for help but I will give up. Too complicated for me linux level. I was able to open the sqlite database and find what I need to recreate my most important workflows. :sweat_smile:

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I’m really sorry to hear that, @One1Tick , but I’m very glad you were still able to recreate the important workflows :raised_hands:

Ah, ah, I was able to retrieve all my workflows and credentials… I reinstall the previous version of n8n (0.236.3) and overwrite appdata/8n8 with my backup. Restart the container and YES, got everything back. Thanks again.


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