Get parameters from workflow

let’s say I have a workflow that has a couple of nodes, the first node is “set” that has all parameters for the rest of the nodes, I want the ability to make node in n8n that he will run all the workflow that I build and also when I double click on his node I get all the parameters he expects, is this possible?

Hi @Asaf_Shay

Not exactly sure if I understand correctly.
But yes you can have a set node with parameters and use these for all the other nodes.
The only thing you need to keep in mind is that when you set the parameters here it will most likely be set on the first item alone. So in the other nodes you would need to make sure to specifically reference the first item when retrieving the parameter.

Does this make sense?

I want when I press on plus sign in n8n and I get all the nodes in n8n I want my own node, and this node is basically runs other workflow that I build, but in this workflow there is “set” node, so when I double click on the custom node I want to get all the parameters from the “set” node.

so basically I ask 2 questions:
1)is there possible to transform workflow to custom node so I can choose it when I press the pulse sign
2)if there is such an option, can I get all the parameters from the “set” node, when I double-click on the custom node?

there is a node called “execute workflow” which does basically what you want.
It will input the data from the previous node into that workflow, allowing you to set parameters in one workflow and inputting them into that workflow.

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I know, but it not answer I questions

Ok, then I will anders your specific questions

  1. No this is not possible. Of course you can develop a custom node and add it to your environment. But you cannot transform workflows into custom nodes.
  2. no such option.