Get request parameters in the output

I have the following problem:
I have a HTTPRequest node that enter an arrray of id’s, this returns an array of results but these do not include the id they belong to, it is a third party api.
Is there any way to pass the id to the next node or to the results?
Or to put it in another way


Hey @diegoinsalopez, welcome to the community!

There is currently no way of passing through input data or parameters automatically, but you could for example use a Set node to retrieve these.

Here’s an example where I am reading a query parameter from an HTTP Request node:

The expression might look a bit scary at first, but you can simply click your way through the expression editor to build it:

If you’re passing on multiple value to the HTTP Request node (and make multiple HTTP Requests based on these values), you could also consider an approach like this including the Merge node:

This example joins each incoming value with the respective result from the API call. It would give you back all the data available before the HTTP Request (even if the API itself does not return it).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @MutedJam I have used the second approach you have proposed and it works perfectly.
Thank you very much.

this is the only way i can get this to work for loads of my flows

you can run it via a proxy, and capture that, little hacky but helps if you are troubleshooting as a last option.