Get Trello Attachment

I get all the cards from a trello list via http request, however, the attachment of this comes only the id, in the next node (http request) I can get, also via api) the attachment, but this only takes the attachment of the id that I set, therefore, I can’t get the attachment one by one of the cards from a list that I need.

Hey @midiacloud_mkt,

Are you able to share your workflow? It sounds like the issue might be that the ids are not being looped.

Hey @midiacloud_mkt,

Can you also share the output of the first http request node?

The “HTTP Request2” takes all the data from the list in trello, however, it brings the attachments so that it only displays the ID, so the only way I found to get the attachment link instead of just the id, was using:{{ $json[“0”][“id”] }}/attachments/{{$json[“0”][“cover”][“ idAttachment”]}}

But it only takes the link of the attachment in which I set the id, I can’t make it take all the links of all the cards, as it takes the data like the “HTTP Request2”

Hey @midiacloud_mkt,

If you can share that output from the first http request node (HTTP Request 2) we can work out out what needs to happen to the data to get what you are after.