GetResponse "Update Contact" node not working

Good day,

The n8n “Update Contact” node is not working. I’ve tried the “get contact” and “get many contacts” and they are working fine.

This is the error I’m getting:

What could I be doing wrong?


I added the field “Campaign Name or ID” and this allowed me to connect succesfully and change the user’s name, but I can’t change custom fields.

When I want to change any custom field, I get the error of the screenshot.

Hi @illusionandcards, I am sorry you’re having trouble.

Updating custom fields is unfortunately a bit tricky in GetResponse as n8n doesn’t determine the required data structure itself. Looking at the GetResponse documentation suggests you’ll need to send an array, even if your field is just a simple text field.

To test this, I created a fresh custom field toms_custom_field in GetResponse:

I was then able to update this field using the workflow below:

So assuming you are working with text fields as well, perhaps you can test an expression like {{ [ $node['Pedido creado'] ] }} for your country field? It might be worth adding your custom fields one at a time, this allows you to easily spot issues with a specific field.


I checked the documentation and I managed to do it with a HTTP request, but it is easier to use the node with the data as an array. Thanks for the explanation!

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