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I’m trying to automate a process, however I get an error “COMMAND FAILED” with no additional information on what is wrong with the command. OBS. None of the commands I try works, getting the same error.

Even though it works just fine directly on the terminal, both ZSH and BASH.

A simple Console Command PHP Symfony as LIST won’t work:

cd "/Users/rafaelmalheiros/Developer/apponteme-job-worker"; bin/console list

What is the error message (if any)?


you can check more commands on

Please share your workflow

Hey @martins,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

There is an error in the .env file in your terminal output, Not sure if that is going to cause any issues but it could be an unexpected output.

What happens if you try the cd then instead of ; use && and maybe try a quick ls as well. Using ; will typically try the second command even if the first fails so it could be that for some reason the directory change isn’t happening.

Hi @Jon thx for the reply.

It looks like it was not an error, just an alert. I was able to solve the issue removing the “#” from the code command, it seems it was not being recognized in the script.

I appreciate the help and fast reply.

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