Getting Error in IF node

Even after if node says it false the data also goes to flase value then my workflow giving an error

please see attached screenshots and code

Yes, that is currently expected behavior as the Merge-Node force executes nodes on the second input. The best workaround in most cases is to remove the Merge-Node (in your case Merge4) as it is actually most times not required, which is potentially also the case for you.

There is already a fix to behave differently in the future which will be released with n8n version 1.0.
You can find the PR here.

but if i remove node merge it will rerun 2 times
as i want to run the or merge only 1 time

as in my case i already upload data to google sheets
and use the data from google sheets

can u help ??

in a way i can pass only 1 data due to which i used merge

solved i removed merge and added wait 10 secs :slight_smile:

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 4238.