Getting IMAP Attachments and send them to telegram as well as upload them to nextcloud into a folder with the current date of the day

As title mentioned above.

I want that the batches to telegram are split in 10 and after that batch there is a wait, so telegram does not throttle.
Sadly that isn’t working either.

Hey @Monasucks_EVE,

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Here is an example which will do what we talked about on Discord, I have not added the Telegram part as it looks like you are most of the way there with that. This will also only handle one attachment at a time, If there are multiple attachments it will need some more work but I think there are examples on dealing with multiple attachments on here somewhere.

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Hi Jon,

thank you very much. I have copied the code and change things like folder path, IMAP Account etc.

The Merge1 is an error. Any Idea why?

It tells me the node is unkown:

That is the version I am running:

Any Idea what I did wrong?

Hey @Monasucks_EVE,

That looks like you might need to update n8n to use the new merge node… Although if you are using Desktop this won’t be possible at the moment and you would need to add in the merge node again.

so far so bad. As I am using the desktop version. Whats the solution to fix this as it is not working with that merge node…

How to fix this?

Problem executing workflow

There was a problem executing the workflow:
“Date & Time: The date input format could not be recognized. Please set the “From Format” field”

That Date & Time gets this error… thats why I had to disable that all. How to fix that thingy?