Getting Workflow ID on desktop app

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In the docs for execute workflow here:
it says to “Copy the number after workflow/ in your URL and paste that in the Workflow ID field.” If I am not mistaken this is not possible with the desktop app due to there being no url. How can I obtain the workflow ID on the desktop app?

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  • desktop app 1.6.0

Hey @sutru,

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You have a very good point there and I have opened a feature request internally to display the ID somewhere.

There are 2 options I can think of, You could open the workflow you want to use and add a set node then set it to use an expression and for the value input {{$}} this will show you the ID or while the desktop app is open you can open your browser and go to http://localhost:5679 and this will give you the n8n interface in your browser and you will be able to find the ID in the URL.


Thank you @Jon, this worked perfectly!

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Also visible in #{id} in workflow settings: