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There is a public repository that I don’t own and am also not part of.
I’m interested in listening to security advisory events and taking action once a new one is created. Is it possible to do?

What is the error message (if any)?

##Problem running workflow

*Check that the repository exists and that you have permission to create the webhooks this node requires*

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  • n8n version: cloud version

Hey @rugolini,

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I have not tried it myself but it looks like there is an API to get the security advisories (Repository security advisories - GitHub Docs) so you could do this with the HTTP Request node and use the published_at field to see if it has been published since the last workflow execution.

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How do I get the time of the last workflow execution?

Hey @rugolini,

What I tend to do is run a schedule that triggers every 30 minutes then I check the date by seeing if {{ $now.minus({minutes: 30}) }} was before the date I want to compare against. The workflow example below should get you started.

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Thanks @Jon, I can make it work like this but it would be nice to have a listener event to be more efficient.

Hey @rugolini,

That would depend on if GitHub make that available in their API, If we were to make a node for it we would probably do the same thing the workflow is doing which is our standard polling approach for services that don’t have a webhook offering.

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