Gitlab ERROR: The resource you are requesting could not be found

I am getting “ERROR: The resource you are requesting could not be found” when trying to get files through the Gitlab Node. I was able to create a file through the same node using the File / Create option however the File / Get option return the mentioned error.

N8N Version :: 0.225.1

Hey @jcal0098,

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That is strange that you can create a file in the same repo, Normally when Gitlab returns an error about the resource not being found it tends to be that either it can’t find the file you are looking for or it does not have permission to have it.

As a quick test can you click on the Add Parameter button at the bottom of the node and for the Reference input main (the default is master) and see if that works.

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Hi @Jon, thanks for your response! Adding the additional parameter to reference the branch worked. Thanks for your help highly appreciated :smile:

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No problem at all, I wanted to make the default in the node main instead of master but it would likely break a lot of workflows for those using older repos that have not been updated. If we do a v2 of the node though it will change.

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