Gitlab Pipeline trigger, but only on success


I’m trying to implement a flow that execute some actions when a Gitlab pipeline has finished with a success status, but I can’t found the way. I will try to explain the details:

I have a pipeline trigger, that starts as expected when a new pipeline starts, but only runs in this “first point”. At this moment the status is pending, so the flow not continue and just finish. The “problem” is that the pipeline has not finished yet, and when did it (the status changes to success or fail) the flow not starts again.

When I’m testing the flow, if I run “listen for events” after the pipeline starts (pending) I receive the second trigger with the “success” status, but I don’t know how to do this automatically and keep listening for the “second” trigger when the status changes.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot, and best regards!


My fault, I try to get all the status changes on edit mode without activating the workflow. Once activated, works all fine.

And yes, I found the solution taking a shower.


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