gitlab trigger Error

i run in docker mode in production server, i add a gitlab trigger, then copy the Webhook URLs, but anyway return the message:
422 - {“error”:“Invalid url given”}

then i check the api, i found the Webhook URLs begins with “http://localhost…”, i use the postman to test api and replace the host url with real ip address not begins with “localhost”, it works !, so my question is how to change the Webhook URLs ? maybe something wrong with it

Environment (please complete the following information):

  • OS: [ Ubuntu Linux 18.04]
  • n8n Version [lastest]
  • Node.js Version [v12.14.1]

Welcome to the community @tengos!

It is possible to change the webhook URL with the environment variable WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL. You can find the documentation about it here:

There should be no need for you to copy the Webhook-URL into GitLab. n8n automatically registers it on activate with GitLab and removes it on deactivation of the workflow.

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hey, thank u, it works! you save my day! @jan

Glad to hear! Have fun!