Gmail node not returning Attachment Binary Data since 0.194.0


I have a workflow working for almost a year now that gets an email attachment from GMAIL and Uploads to Google Drive.

Since version 0.194.0 (I tested rollbacking each version until I found the breaking version) it stopped working because the node no longer gets Binnary data of the Gmail attachment.

  • I have Resolved as the email format, however it seems that it’s ignoring this settings and returning Full.

Anyone else with the same issue?
Any tips on how to fix this?

Thank you!

Hey @apintocr,

Welcome to the community :cake:

0.194.0 would be when we rolled out the improved GMail node, It sounds like when creating the new version we broke the old version. Out of interest if you used 194+ and added a new gmail node so it uses the v2 option does that work as expected?

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Hi @Jon, @apintocr

Just had the same problem w/ GMail attachments on 196.
I updated the workflow with a new GMail node, configured “Download Attachments” true - now it works again.

Thanks you all for the great work!

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