Google Ads 400 - Bad Request Error

Hey @jfer,

Is it that time already, I will get it sorted this week. Not sure what happened to my reminder though :thinking:

I appreciate your help!

Hey @Jon Perhaps do you have an estimated date when this issue could be resolved? Many Thanks

Hey @jfer,

I am hoping to get to it this week unless anything urgent comes up.

Thanks @Jon I wish this could be solved soon since it appears to be recurrent. Any idea why the API call breaks so often?

Hey @jfer,

The API call breaks because Google seem to change the API every 6 months or so, I did start working on the change last week but for some reason it wasn’t working properly when testing so I need to spend a bit more time on it to try and work out what changed between v11 and v13.

I understand, thanks Jon!

The good news is the PR went in yesterday so it is just waiting for the review process.

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 6212.