Google ads error 403

I’m having difficulty using the Google Ads node to read the campaigns, can anyone help me resolve this?

Hey @alceni,

It looks like Google is returning the 403 so it could be the credentials or one of the 2 IDs, Annoyingly getting Google Ads to work is a bit of a pain as you need the correct permissions and IDs.

It also looks like you didn’t complete the template, Which version of n8n are you currently running as there have been some node issues in the past which have been resolved.

Hi Jon, I always do the same as the credentials like the Google Seeths credentials that I already use and it works great, but the Google Ads one is causing this problem.

my version of n8n is 1.5.1.

Can you tell me if there is any other way I can pull the data from my Google Ads campaign?

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