Google Ads Integration [GOT CREATED]

Google Ads API would open up a tons of possibilities:

This is very imp for us.
Our usecase:
We need to pass data of our leads from our CRM to Google Ads so that we can create lookalike audiences in Google Ads.

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I will be working on the google ads integration, the api has a lot of endpoints so I will focusing first on creating, getting your campaign and ads. If you have specific endpoint that you would like to see on the node please list it here.


@agobrecht Really glad to ear someone is working on that. Thank you for your work.

Got a use case : retrieve my monthly pdf invoice, when it is available, to push it the accountant that struggles with the adwords interface, even if he have an account and was teached how to do it.

Not the sexiest feature request ever, but a bunch of peoples needs it in a way or another. Hope it will match your objectives.

InvoicingService is here : Invoice  |  Google Ads API  |  Google Developers
Request : ListInvoicesRequest  |  Google Ads API  |  Google Developers
Response : ListInvoicesResponse  |  Google Ads API  |  Google Developers
Invoice : Invoice  |  Google Ads API  |  Google Developers

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The most useful thing for me would be the ability to upload click conversions with all the different parameters they accept. We have most of our clients off of using pixels based on all the issues browser side reporting introduces so having this would be huge to be able to report server side to google!

Specifically looking at this endpoint: Upload Click Conversions  |  Google Ads API  |  Google Developers

I need to get status of a campaign and pause and start campaigns. Without this I can’t use n8n.

Biggest one is importing conversions - offline conversions, esp. Every service business and even banks/lenders/affiliate marketers need to send offline conversion values back to Google Ads.

Second one is audience data.

Zapier does both but it is $$$.

in this way i can perform the conversion upload using http request and creating the google ads credentials to send in the header

Good news this was created and released :raised_hands: if you have not already noticed it updating n8n to a recent version should help.