Google Analytics 4

Having a look at the Google Analytics node but it looks like it doesn’t support the newer Google Analytics 4?

As that doesn’t have ‘Views’ any more I can’t select the new proerties I’ve added from the View ID dropdown.

Can it be done in this node?


That is weird because the node is using the V4 reporting endpoints.

I think @seank1968 is referring to the newer version of Google Analytics that uses GA4 properties instead of UA properties. The Reporting API V4, used in the node, accesses only UA properties. The newer GA4 can be accessed with Data API V1 (Beta) .


Hey @seank1968,

We have been working on a new version of the Google Analytics node which has support for GA4, Would you be willing to help us test it?

Hi. That’s great news - yes - would be happy to help!


Any ETA about this?

Hi @LightD31, it’s actively being worked on: feat(Google Analytics Node): Overhaul for google analytics node by michael-radency · Pull Request #3862 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

So not that much longer now I reckon, but I am sure Ricardo will know more.