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I wanted to ask you if any of you had problems when updating the attendees in calendar. The problem I’m having is that if I add people to a calendar for example on Monday to the calendar on Tuesday and that same Tuesday I want to add other people, and when I do it, I deleted the ones I had added on Monday and I put only those of Tuesday. is there any way to solve that? I read all the calendar API, but I have not found a solution to this.

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Hi @Internalit_Automatio, I’m good, hope you too are having a good day thus far?

It seems this is the expected behaviour. Because attendees is a single field in Google Calendar, you would have to include all atteendees when updating it (even the existing ones). Something like below should do the job:

The new attendee is added here:


This is the meeting before running the workflow:

And this is the meeting after running the workflow:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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HI @MutedJam

Excellent! It works fine if I place it manually, now if I want to bring the user from another node for example split in batches, how would I place it inside the ‘…’? Because I want to call it from the split but I get a syntax error.

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Hi @Internalit_Automatio, you can include an expression as well but you’d need to leave the extra braces away. Here’s an updated example workflow reading the user from a Set node:

This runs fine when testing it just now:

Note that I am using an expression of $('Set new attendee').first() here, so it will only work if your node returns a single item (which is what .first() would read). But since you mentioned the Split in Batches node I reckon you can just set it a batch size of 1 :slight_smile:


It worked!!! Thanks you very much for the help as always!!!
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Awesome, have a great week as well!

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