Google Chat is replacing hangouts and used by a lot of Google Gsuite users, would be good if we can have this integration added

Welcome the the community @Miiko_L.

Will add this to our backlog.

Could you please explain the use case you are interested in? so when is created we make sure that use case is cover. Thanks.

Hi @RicardoE105

Our use case is simple, we just want to push notifications to the channels or users from other trigger events.

It’ll be nice to be able to have the chatbot trigger messages backwards but the main functionality is using trigger → google chat message


I need this too, my interesting is use Google Chat instead of Slack so needed to send msg from anywhere (any node) to gChat.

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G. Chatbot would be nice. I like post some Information from Google Sheet. ASAP ToDos etc.

@kallados welcome to the community.

Make sure you upvote this feature request. The more votes the more changes of being developed.

Does n8n supports Google Chat???
I have intrest in using Google Chat to trigger messages.

Hey @sumitrathi95,

Not yet that I can see but if you are interested hit the vote button above to help raise awareness.

Are you just looking to post messages to Google Chat?

Hello @Jon,
I have voted for this…
Yes I just want to post message to Google Chat. Is there any other way?

Hey @sumitrathi95,

You can use the HTTP Request node to make a request to the Google Chat endpoint to post a message.

Got released with [email protected]