Google Cloud Free Tier

I’m trying to choose where to host my n8n Community version.
AWS has a 1 year Free Tier and Google Cloud has a monthly limit (even after 3 months).

This tutorial only teaches how to setup the Google GKE (Kubernetes) option, since it’s the best for scaling later:

But if it doesn’t fit in the Free Tier, then I’d rather do a different setup and transfer everything later.

Does anyone know if this setup fits into the Free Tier or if I should go with a Google Cloud VM?

Hey @gmsalomao2,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

What does the free tier allow you to run? You can run n8n from npm or docker so it doesn’t have to use that guide to start with.

I don’t understand the terminology on the Free Tier documentation :sweat_smile: So I don’t know what exactly is free.

Event though I’ve setup some servers before, I’m not a developer. I just know some stuff.
When they say things like:

  • Preemtiple VM
  • Machine family
  • Autopilot or Zonal cluster

I get totally lost

Hey @gmsalomao2,

It is worth noting that self hosting is an advanced option so our expectation would be that you are able to manage the service you are using.

Looking at what the free tier offers the compute engine would do it or maybe App Engine but there is probably not enough power there to actually do anything useful.

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