Google Cloud Storage [GOT CREATED]

Hey @Matt2012!

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Thank you for opening this Feature Request. Can you please share your use case? We want to make sure that when the node gets created it is useful for you :slight_smile:

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We use Google Cloud Platform for all our cloud needs so it would be great to have a node for Google’s alternative to S3 for storing objects / files etc.

The kind of use case we have is:

  1. We retrieve data
  2. Use this to create a PDF
  3. Email PDF to user
  4. Store PDF in Google Cloud Storage
  5. Create a reference to the Cloud Storage file in Postgres

I think the interesting question for n8n (and I wonder how this has been resolved for other nodes) is that for 80% of use cases it is simply add/retrieve file to a bucket. However the nodejs library supports many other operations. I wonder if one solution is a UI that helps create the code for simple cases but that can be overwritten for more complex ones?


Was there any progress here? I am also very interested in this feature!

Good news, This was created and released a few versions back.