Google Contacts Integration [GOT CREATED]

n8n has Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, could n8n integrate Google Contacts? With some information like: group, firstname, lastname, company, job title, email, mobile, Birthday, Event, Relationship, Notes.

Hey @huuich, just to make sure you want to be add contacts with those fields?

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@huuich just created this integration, we will let you know when is released.


@RicardoE105 Is there anything news about this integration

It was tested internally but I had missed a few improvements. Added them today, so hopefully it will be included in our next release.

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Google Contacts-Node got released with [email protected]

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I’ve tried Google Contacts node and it’s working now however not as expected.

  1. When GetAll Contact, limit 500 query, my contacts bigger than 500, so how can I query more contacts? If only query 500 contacts one time, can have option not query some contact by contact id?

  1. And data like email has some unused info like other, {, "… Is there any way to remove unused info?

  1. When first configure, Google requires enable People API

When read, it said that The Google Contacts API is now deprecated and is scheduled for sunset on June 15, 2021. Is it affected to Google Contacts node?

  1. And could you add option edit Google Contacts, now only has 4 options

@RicardoE105, @jan Thanks very much

Hey @huuich,

1 - Yes, you can query more than 500 if you set returnAll to true.

2 - The string ‘other’ it’s the phone’s type. A contact can have multiple number with different types, that is the reason it works like that.

3 - I used the people’s API instead of the Contact’s API for that reason.

4 - Yes, it seems like I missed the update operation. Just added it to the backlog.


Hi @RicardoE105
I’ve queried all my contacts ok. Thanks for all useful information. Hope to see update operation soon because this will be used so much!

@RicardoE105 Has Google Contacts got Trigger like new Google Contact created? If has, please create Google Contacts Trigger. Thanks!

Sadly do we not have any Trigger nodes for any Google product yet. The reason is that they made it incredibly hard and complicated. If I remember correctly were some of the problems:

  1. You have to have the domain of the webhook verified by Google (so our tunnel would not work for anybody and each user would have to verify their own domain)
  2. The webhooks expire after X hours. So we would have to re-register them regularly to keep working and we do not have any proper way to do that kind of thing in n8n right now (simply because no other product/service ever needed something like that).
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@jan Thanks for your information, so when @RicardoE105 add option edit Google Contacts is a wonderful thing yet.

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In newest n8n version, seem Google Contacts does not have Update Operation? Please update this @RicardoE105


Exactly it does not have the “update” operation and we do not claim anywhere (esp not in the change-log) that it has. So do honestly not understand what should be updated.

@jan On list change log of newest version (0.79.0) not have info about “Update” operation of Google Contacts, so I only comment to hope n8n will have “Update” operation soon.

Ah OK. Yes it is in our backlog which means more or less that it got added to an internal TO-DO list without any date. So we may literally work on it at any point in time. So between in the next hour or maybe never depending on many factors (available resources, interest in the feature, other priorities, …).

When it got implemented (again do not know when) we will update here.

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@huuich Just added update operation. We will let you know when is released.


Got released with [email protected]

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