Google drive trigger from desktop app

Hello community.

I am new to n8n, APIs and webhooks generally. I got Trello API working, but now I’m trying setup Google drive trigger from n8n desktop app with now luck so far.

During creating credentials in app for google account i get always redirected on I used docs to prepair everything on google side.

Am I missing something or google drive trigger is functional only in cloud version of n8n?

Thank you for advice,

Hi @Martin_Fiala, first of all: welcome to the community :tada:

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into trouble here. The n8n desktop application would open a tunnel between your local n8n instance and (this tunnel is described here for the self-hosted n8n version). This allows a locally running n8n instance to receive external signals without having a public IP and the respective network configuration around it.

So during the authentication process it’s normal to have a redirect URL pointing to (something like You might get asked for credentials in the process - these will be automatically generated by the n8n desktop app and can be read as described here by @jon:

Hope this helps! Give us a shout if you run into any problem with this.


It worked like a charm. Quick and accurate answer.
@MutedJam you are the best.
Thank you very much.

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