Google drive - trying to download - but does not show any files -

Hi, I am trying to do a simple download from google-drive. Have created a Credential with Google Service Account, Have activated the Google Drive API in my Google Cloud Platform. BUT in a node, when I am searching for a file in my Connected Google Drive - NOTHING IS SHOWING UP - What I am missing

Having the exact same issue when I am doing this both in Regular n8n and also the Langchain build

And in the ‘Credentials’ tab - when I check its properly getting connected with my Service Account

Looks like there’s some problem specifically with the Langchain build. I now created OAuth and granted All the scope for n8n to manage my g-drive inside my G-Cloud and in n8n’s Credential page, connected Google Account, but still can not view my Google Drive Files

Hi @R_J, welcome to the community and sorry for the trouble.

Can you confirm if fetching a file by URL or ID works for you? If not, can you share the full error message you are seeing? It should be more comprehensive than the output provided by the list failing to load, so hopefully helps figuring out what’s wrong here.

Hi Tom,
I finally was able to resolve it by granting all the scope permissions in my google cloud account for Google-drive for this oAuth


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