Google GA4 Analytics [GOT CREATED]

Now that Google are telling everyone to move to the newer GA4 property will there be a new GA4 node or is the current one going to be updated?


It is very neccessary to go to GA4. Google stopped UA, and only GA4 could track new data.

Could you consider to develop this node soon?

Hey @cmdntd987,

This is something that is currently being worked on and is in the internal review queue, If you run n8n from source or wanted to build your own docker image you can find the change here: n8n-3429-node-improvement-pr-google-analytics-add-compatibility-GA4 by michael-radency · Pull Request #3694 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

From what I understand UA is still usable for data collection until 2023 so the current node as long as you have a UA property will be all good but we want to get this node sorted out a lot sooner than that, I suspect it will be available before the end of summer unless something urgent pops up.

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