Google OAuth trouble

I’m having trouble integrating my Google Calendar through OAuth API. I got a message from the screenshot. What is the issue?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n desktop windows
  • **Database you’re using local

Hi @Tymidymi, this looks like the Google OAuth2 client you have created in order to connect n8n with Google was created with a different Google user than the one you’re trying to use now.

When registering a new “External” OAuth2 client app in Google’s cloud console, it will be creating with a publishing status of “Testing” which comes with certain restrictions. One of these restrictions would be that only authorized test users can authenticate. So, you would either need to make sure all relevant Google users have been added as test users for your app in Google’s cloud console or publish your OAuth2 client meaning any restrictions are lifted once Google has reviewed it.

Hope this helps!

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