Google Sheet API Connection

Hello people, how are you?

I’m experiencing an issue with the google sheets API connection and n8n.

This error appears, but the funniest thing is that everything is released, all permissions are granted and I can update the sheets, however, I cannot receive information from it.

Detail: The sheets are released for editing, copying and sharing for everyone with the link.

I don’t know what else to do, I’ve already deleted and redid the entire authentication process but it still doesn’t work

Hi @Leonardo_Lahan, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I suspect the error message provided by the trigger node is somewhat misleading here. Unfortunately it’s a hardcoded message sent for all PERMISSION_DENIED type errors and not the message Google actually sends.

My best guess is that you haven’t yet enabled the Google Sheets and/or Google Drive API in the Google Cloud console. You can do this by heading to:

  1. (for Google Drive) and
  2. (for Google Sheets)

(And then clicking the respective Enable button once the page has loaded).

If that’s not it, are you able to use the regular Google Sheets node (not the trigger node)? This might give you more detailed information on permission problems like this as it would show the actual error message received from Google.

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