Google sheet: Create formula from n8n that is sent to a sheet

Hello n8n team,

I was wondering if there was a way to build google sheet formula from the google sheet node in order to update a specific cell with said formula?

I manage to build the workflow but the cells update with '=IF instead of just =IF and so the formula doesn’t work in google sheet.

Context: I built an integration between our Revolut account and a google sheet to get all our transactions and every time a row is added with a new transaction, I would like to add a formula to “vlookup” the name of the counterpart in an other array.

I’m currently on 0.208.0

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Barberg, you can add formula’s to a Google Sheet node when using the “Let Google Sheets format” option in the “Cell Format” field:


For example like so:

Resulting in the formula being added as expected:


I was using 0.221.2 when testing this since I didn’t have an 0.208 instance connected to Google Sheets set up. I think this will still work on 0.208.0 though, but please do give me a shout if not.


Thanks so much @MutedJam

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