Google sheet: "Error: socket hang up" error on "update:sheet" node


I am using n8n to update a Google Sheet document.
It has been working fine for months until yesterday.

I have multiple Google Sheet nodes in my workflow, but one of the nodes “update: sheet” always return an error: “Error: socket hang up”.

See attached screenshot.

I haven’t changed anything in my configuration, except maybe the n8n version (I always use the latest version).

Any clue of what’s happening here?


Hey @chprome :wave:

May I know how are you using n8n? Are you self-hosting n8n? I did some research and it looks like the issue is with SSL. If you’re self-hosting n8n you might want to check your SSL.

Hi @harshil1712

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I am using it locally, no idea how is configured the SSL.

Use use the “npx n8n” command to launch n8n.


This is strange. In the screenshot that you shared, I can see that the other Google Sheet nodes (All Apps and Known Licenses) ran successfully. I also tested it on my end, and it is working fine. This can also be a network issue. I am not sure though. Is this error persistent? Are you using the same sheet in all the other nodes?


Yes, all nodes are connected to the same sheet and sharing the same credentials…



May I know the size of data you’re trying to pass? How huge is the payload? My assumption is that, because of the huge payload, the connection is getting lost.