Google Sheet/ Google Cloud Connector says it cannot connect


After updating my N8N Desktop App to the latest version where I lost most of my workflows and connectors, I had to reconnect everything.

Here I tried with Google sheets, followed the normal steps with GCP Oauth2 id, and then try the Google log-in with and here what it says to me.

Access blocked: has not completed Google’s validation process has not completed the validation process of Google. The app is being tested, and only testers approved by the developer have access to it. If you think you should have access, contact the developer.
If you are a developer of, see the error details.
Error 403: access_denied

(They give me a link with the error link, I’m not putting it here for safety reasons)

I then changed the authorizations, got some warning, went through, has to validate 3 different authorizations and Google just cannot validate the whole thing. I keep running into a Timeout.

Is there any other way to valide it or connect my N8N to Google Sheets ?

Hey @Hugop,

When you created your app in the Google Developer Console did you add your user as a test user? It sounds like there could be an issue with the settings of the Google App, It might be worth making sure it has access to Google Drive as well as we use that in the Sheets node to load the files now.

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