Google Sheet New Row added

two problem is here

  1. The problem i have set to run daily at 9 AM IST , but its fetching every minute how to stop this issue

  2. If row is still in writing state it starts and pull the data and run the workflow ( technically it should not be done )

Hi @chandan988, many thanks for reaching out! I was trying to reproduce the “polls every minute” problem using the below workflow :

It would not run on its own, but it does poll new data when the workflow itself updated. Is this by any chance what you were doing?

As for fetching the data to soon, perhaps you can simply add a Wait node, and then fetch the actual row again using the regular Google Sheets node after a suitable waiting time?

Its pulling every minutes as per time, I have question here if we have support 10 rows with 10 different values and i want to hit httprequest with 10 different if else how this can be done

in IF node only 2 can be done , in Switch only 4 can be done how about if i have more than 4

Can you confirm which version of n8n exactly you are running and share a workflow using which your problem can be reproduced?

As for making 10 different requests, you can simply nest multiple IF (or Switch) nodes.

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