Google sheet Oauth


Did google changed sth? I checked docs to see that I can use OAuth here: Google | Docs

So I made one, but google sheet node doesn’t see it. Also I can make only creds with private key, but when I made one I got information about wrong creds…

Anyone had similar problem?

They should be ok still I just ran through the Google process here quickly. When you are on the credentials page if you click on your web application it will show the application and secret value and in n8n the sign in with Google button should appear that will do the magic.

I have not gone much further than that but it could be that something on the Google side needs tweaking. Did you also remember to select Google Sheet API for the credential in n8n I suspect that would make a difference as well.

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So I added to library google API, I made it but by Service Account instead, I don’t see button sign in by Google. Anyway it’s working for me now it wasn’t working before and also I was courious

Thank you!

Ah that will do it, it is a different type of Auth it is using a service account rather than the oauth option.

Glad to see you have it working though :+1: in the past with other applications I have seen service accounts taking a bit of time to get fully setup on the Google side so it could have just been that.


Thanks for this explanation :slight_smile:

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