Google Sheet > OpenAI > Google Sheet Update Fail

I want to use OpenAI to write a short invitation based on some event info in the google sheet and return the output to the corresponding column:

Google Sheet (ID,Date,Time,Speaker,Topic) > OpenAI > Google Sheet Update (Whatsapp Invitation)

But it returns nothing to update the Google Sheet

Hey @BW1224,

actually it is not clear what is missing here. I created that scenario by myself to see what is happening and what not.

For me the trigger is working:

The OpenAI Node is working:

And the Update Node also seems to work but the data is not saved!

If you create error descriptions detailed like this, it is more easy for us to help you. Also chances are higher for better and quicker responses :wink:

Back to topic:
The problem with your workflow is, that you need to define in the update node note which row needs to be updated. This could be done using the topic column:

I will attach the working workflow, but keep in mind that you need to reconfigure the google notes to your credentials and to your sheets.



Thanks, that’s so much helpful to understand better, Nico-kow.
May I know, for the workflow with the after the process of the OpenAI, how can I match back “Column to Mach On” because OpenAI only returns the result as output?

Hey @BW1224

As you can see in the google sheets node of my workflow I jused a reference to the google sheets trigger node’s output.

{{ $('Google Sheets Trigger').item.json.ID }}

To make this process of finding the data you need more easy for you, you can select the nodes in the top left corner to see their outcomes.


Thanks nico-kow, that works! super thanks

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