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  1. How to read columns A, B,X and Z alone from the read:sheet node for Google sheets
  2. and how to limit number of rows read to say 100

Hi @kalai, welcome to the community!

It’s not possible to read for example columns A, B, X, and Z but not the columns between the aforementioned ones. This is a limitation imposed by most spreadsheet applications, which only allow you to specify a connected range (something like columns A to Z). Such a range can also include rows.

So, in order to achieve what you have in mind you’d have to

  1. Specify the smallest possible range including all relevant columns and the number of rows you need. n8n’s Google Sheet node would support the A1 notation using the “Data Location on Sheet” option:
  2. Use a Set node to keep only the columns you really want and throw away everything else

Hope this helps!

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oh, thats cool. since i need most of the initial columns, this would be perfect :slight_smile: thank u.

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You’re most welcome, glad to hear this helps :slight_smile:

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